Other Products

That Fabled Shore now works with a range of new ink sublimation process technologies to bring our historic images to life in colorful, decorative and totally functional ways including: 

Art Tiles and Trivets - Using ink infused directly into the clay substrate, we can capture incredible ranges of color in high definition to produce art work that's as at home on your wallless it is on your table top.

Tempered Glass Cutting Boards - Using ink sublimation printing on tempered glass, the subtle hues and crisp lines of high definition photo imaging become part of a super hardened glass cutting board as functional as it is beautiful. Available in 12 inch round, 12 inch x 8 inch and 12 x 16 inch. 

Throw Pillow Cases - Using dye sublimation printing on cotton/linen blend pillow cases, the colors of these same bright archival images become fused with the fabric's fibers to create unique, washable pillow cases that are soft to the touch. 18 x 18 inches. Insert not included.

Coasters - Again ink sublimation allows for incredible color and detail to be applied directly into the substrate. Choose from either Marble or Sandstone with a cork backing. Sold in sets of two. Size is 4 x 4 inches.

Glass Prints - A "fracture" is the product of a revolutionary technology created by a company of the same name that fuses high resolution images directly on glass. All our images are available as Fractures. For more information, visit www.fractureme.com