Chatham Light Glass Cutting Board

Chatham Light Glass Cutting Board

$ 50.00

Chatham Light, once part of a pair of lights on this bluff top overlooking Nantucket Sound, has a rich history involving local keepers and folklore as much as it does the sea. Its beams warn mariners of Monomoy Island, who's bars of sand spelled doom to dozens of ships. The sands of Monomoy are also the legendary home of a ghostly horseman who galloped the dark beach sands with a swinging lantern signaling mariners of approaching dangers. 

This super-hard, tempered glass cutting board is an eye-catching reminder of Chatham Light's charm and history. And, like the beacon itself, the piece is entirely functional when it needs to be.

Chop on it. Pass hors d'oeuvres on it and then simply rinse it with soap and water. On a simple stand in a modern kitchen, it grabs the light and shines just as much as landmark it was named for.




  • Tempered Glass Cutting Board
  • Available Sizes: 8 inch x 12 inch or 12 inch x 16 inch
  • Functional art - can be used as a cutting board, serving piece or decoration
  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Can be customized for an additional fee


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