Unique and Colorful Night Light of Sandy Beach in Cohasset, MA

Cohasset, MA - Sandy Beach Night Light

$ 25.00

    The town of Cohasset, MA takes its name from the Wampanoag word "Connahasset" meaning a place of narrow rocks. It was first discovered by English explorer John Smith in 1614.
    The town is located on Boston's South Shore and, as its early Indian name implied, features many miles of spectacular rocky shoreline, a small scenic harbor and extensive salt marshes and tidal estuaries.
    Sandy Beach is set on a barrier beach between the Atlantic and the Cohasset's Little Harbor and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the South Shore. It's approximately a mile long expanse of sand set between the two ledge formations shown here and within that sun-swept length generations of children have enjoyed some of the happiest summer months of their lives.
    The hand-tinted image shown here reflects the time a century ago when the town featured numerous hotels including Kimball's and The Black Rock House and was considered an ideal resort to escape the rigors of Boston via the train.
      Product Specifications
    • Plastic Frame and Body
    • UL listed
    • 4 watt bulb included
    • Glow vent casts light upward
    • Adjustable tines to fit any socket
    • Approximate Night Light Dimensions 4.125" (w) x 3.375 (h) x 2.5" (d)
    • Interior Image Area 3.5" (w) x 2.75"(h)

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