Minot Light - Pink Sunrise Night Light

Minot Light - Pink Sunrise Night Light

$ 25.00

Minot Ledge Light has been a continuous daily presence in the working lives of commercial fishing boats and lobstermen from Scituate and Cohasset for generations.

When it was manned, a trip to resupply the beacon was an adventure in itself, always involving sure-handed rope work to bring supplies or people up the 40 feet to its entry, often from the pitching deck of a small boat.

The light has long been rumored to be haunted, with keepers telling of lenses being mysteriously polished and constant tappings being heard from the lamp room as a signal when no one else was present.

The light is automated now and the entry way is securely locked with ample Coast Guard signage warning of hefty fines for trespassing. Some visitors however, may never have fully departed.

    • Plastic Frame and Body
    • UL listed
    • 4 watt bulb included
    • Glow vent casts light upward
    • Adjustable tines to fit any socket
    • Approximate Night Light Dimensions 4.125" (w) x 3.375 (h) x 2.5" (d)
    • Interior Image Area  3.5" (w) x 2.75"(h)

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