RI - Sabin Point Light, Narragansett Bay Night Light

RI - Sabin Point Light, Narragansett Bay Night Light

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Sabin Point Light off East Providence was one of several lights built in the center of the Providence River in the 19th Century to assists freighters struggling with its many turns and narrow ships channel.

Unlike Sassafras Point Light, Sabin had a Victorian design and featured a mansard roof from which its light tower rose. That home atop a built granite pier and the people who lived there are why Sabin Point Light's stories would melt even the coldest of hearts.

Two years after it opened, Lightkeeper Joseph Weeden and wife arrived and began a distinguished 36 year residence on Sabin that was marked by faithful service and timely rescues. More importantly, it was a happy home, decorated with crafted needlepoint and furniture hand-crafted by the keeper. Music played in the parlor from an organ in parlor.

The next lighthouse keeper's tenure was marked by equally happy moments and his eligible daughters were actively wooed by suitors who gladly accepted the challenge of rowing the distance required. 

The keeper's first daughter was married on the light and they rowed away to their honeymoon to the salutes of passing ships. His second daughter married the son of a nearby light house keeper.

But the happy days were not to last and Sabin Point Light fell victim to the need to widen the shipping channel. In 1968, in a monumental and unique 4th of July bonfire, the lighthouse was torched by the Providence fire department before the granite pier was demolished and the ship's channel made wider.

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