South Station - The Boston By Gaslight Series Night Light

South Station - The Boston By Gaslight Series Night Light

$ 25.00

    Boston's South Station was built in 1899 to create a common terminus for the four major rail lines serving the city at that time through the building of a "union" station in the the city's Dewey Square.

    It would soon become one of the busiest railroad stations in the country and, as shown here, was also included as a stop on the Atlantic Avenue Elevated from 1901 until 1930.

    The station's iconic roundhouse shape was backed up by massive iron rail shed that was finally taken down in 1930 after suffer decades of corrosion from the salt air of nearby Boston Harbor.

    The decline in rail traffic after World War II reduced South Station's importance to the life of the city until its renovation in the 1970s and the re-emphasis of the city's urban planners on the importance of Mass Transit.

    Today, its massive granite facade welcomes thousands of commuters each day and millions of tourists to Boston's Seaport district who've chosen to take advantage of the city's rail service as a means to avoid its legendary traffic.

    "Boston By Gaslight" groups a set of images from the turn of the last century that captured some of the city's beloved landmarks in the glow of the gas-lit illumination unique to the period.


    • Product Specifications
    • Plastic Frame and Body
    • UL listed
    • 4 watt bulb included
    • Glow vent casts light upward
    • Adjustable tines to fit any socket
    • Approximate Night Light Dimensions 4.125" (w) x 3.375 (h) x 2.5" (d)
    • Interior Image Area 3.5" (w) x 2.75"(h)

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